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​​"Mr. D is great!!... it's a music lovin’, singin’, movin’, shakin’, songwriting, recording, designing, creative, multi dimensional, musical experience for Boys and Girls

of all ages and abilities..."  


~ Michael Fryer, Music Director, Danville. 

How we began

Musician, singer, songwriter, composer, sound engineer, producer, music teacher and father of three.  It seemed such a natural thing to do to bring it all together in one place. 


Music should never be hard work especially singing. Singing brings us  great joys, eases our sorrows, helps us move through life's troubles, but most of all it's one of the great unifying forces of nature. It's what brings us all together.

Our Work

Mr. D has  been working with children of all ages, from all different backgrounds and in a wide variety of schools and institutions since 1992.  Mr. D's Music Club is the latest and most complete expression of his passion to make music fun, exciting and affordable for all kids!

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Mr. D’s Music Club offers a comprehensive school music program for children in grades K-8 or as a modified after school program for grades 3-8.

We explore the power of music, the complexities of different styles, the joy of singing and the creativity of writing original music. As the program progresses we learn about recording, editing and performance culminating with an end of year performance organized, choreographed and performed by the students. 

This is the opportunity for your child to discover not only their hidden musical talents, but they can learn so much about the technical and creative side as well. Each child is different, so as the class progresses and new elements are brought in, every child finds something they want to learn more about whether that be recording, producing, lighting, dancing or performing.


Mr. D has a knack for finding the hidden talents in kids and helping bring them to light so they can shine. Check out more of the website for a full overview of what Mr. D’s Music Club has to offer your child or school.


Mr. D's Music Club  has had after school programs in:

Chabot Elementary Oakland, Redwood Day Middle School, Oakland, Malcolm X Elementary Berkeley, Glorietta Elementary Orinda, Otis Elementary Alameda, Edison Elementary Alameda, Bay Farm Elementary Alameda, Nea Elementary Alameda Glenwood Elementary San Rafael.



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So much more than a Glee Club!

Mr. D's Music Club offers fun, exciting, after school singing program as well as week long Summer camps. Currently in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Orinda, Alameda and San Rafael.

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