2019 Summer Camp Dates and themes are here. 

Camp 1  June 10-14 "Off to the Movies"

Camp 2  June 24-28 "Icons"

Camp 3  July 15-19 " Feels Like Summer"

Camp 4  August 5-9 "QUEEN(s)"

Camp 5  August 19-23 "The 80's Never Went Away"


Mr. Duffy is extraordinarily talented leader, instructor and motivator of children. Not only does he get amazing results in a short amount of time, he manages to awaken joy in the hearts of the children with whom he works. Magical!  - John L. , Oakland. May 1st 2015

This camp is amazing. And differs from others in some beautiful ways:
1) ALL kids are intentionally and genuinely welcomed. The shy ones, the testing-boundaries ones (that's mine), the awkward ones, the natural-born talents, the rhythmless, the girls, the boys, 
the non-identifiers and everyone between. And the kids see themselves in the staff and counselors, who are like a brilliant rainbow.
2) Regardless of the theme, the emphasis is on creativity, expression, and being one's self. Andthey'llmet your kid wherever they are.
3) Mr. D is exuberant. He's a natural. And he hires well. ( :

~ Madawg  Oakland  2018


I’d like to say thanks to Stephen and all the counselors /directors. The performance today was very impressive! My daughter had a great time this week and what a great experience creating and contributing to the show! It was fun as a parent watching it come together through the week - seeing the artwork (Very cool!), the playlist ( Wow!), the posts on moment ( definitely a fun and relaxed vibe!). And today I was pretty blown away- the stage looked amazing, the music sounded amazing, and above all, the kids really looked like they were having a blast!! So thanks to all, that was a very cool camp! ~ Gref F. Oakland  August 2018

Our daughter was first introduced to Mr. D's Music Club via an after-school enrichment program, and has loved it ever since. She has since attended the summer camp and it is always her first choice...

~ John Y. Alameda, April 21, 2015

5 stars all the way! The end of camp performance blew my mind, the kids' energy and creativity was amazing. Love what this camp brought out in my kid...

~ Rebecca J. San Rafael, April 20, 2015

He lets the kids have fun while teaching them the skills of the art of music and performance.  We are so lucky he came into our world!

~ Gretchen H. San Rafael, Dec. 2014

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