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Join the Club! Mr. D’s Music Club is growing!


 Seeking teaching artists to teach creative arts, music, singing dancing, theater  and more ONLINE for Summer 2020.

 This is not school. This is all heart and soul. Nothing like school.

Pays between $20-$30 per session depending on experience 

Email: Hailey@MRDSMusicClub.com



Who are we?

We are an award winning, non-traditional visual and performing arts Summer Camp and After School Vocal Program for boys and girls of all abilities ages 8-13.

Described as “a hip, vibrant, well grounded, super fun place for kids to explore the world of the performing arts”. We are currently seeking youthful, not necessarily young, talented, energetic and creative people to join the “Club”.


What is non-traditional Summer Camp?

We’re more likely to be dancing hip hop and singing a Beck tune than we are to be sitting around the camp fire singing songs from Frozen! We sing, we dance, we make art, do yoga and more  and put on an amazing show at the end of each week (Camp) or Session (After School). We all work really hard with a major emphasis on fun.



Assistant Camp Director and Vocalist Part time

Assistant Art Director Part time

Dancer/Choreographers Part Time

Vocal teaching artists for After School Program Part Time


2019 Summer Camp season is 5 weeks


Assistant Camp Director(s) /vocalist for Summer 2019. 5 weeks

You will work closely with Mr. D and the Art Director to ensure that every child in your care comes away from the camp experience with new friends, fond memories and a big smile.  Ideally, you will have a vocal background and teach the singing portion of the camp. This position is intended for long-term employment in future summer camps (2019 will be a big year!) and during the afterschool program, if that is of interest. If you have office skills and social media skills there is additional year round work available.


Job Description:  

You will demonstrate an ability to supervise both campers and staff and show ability to interact with camp families and the general public. Candidate will be self-motivated, and punctual.  Help program new ideas for activities such as games and crafts -- good camp directors ask for creative input from many sources. You will help put a show together at the end of each week.Take charge of safety situations -- camp directors must remain calm in emergencies and know the procedures they must follow.


Other useful skills:  Experience in camp administration such as head counselor is useful. Various other certifications (i.e. first aid, CPR, etc.) Organizational skills. Playing an instrument is useful, but not necessary. Ability to sing and to teach singing is a must as you may be required to teach the singing portion of the camps. Computer skills, Pro Tools, Stage design and Show running are very handy.


Successful applicants will be required to do a Live Scan fingerprinting for Alameda County and complete the online “shield the vulnerable” program.

Depending on your experience training may be required (expect 2-5 weeks at $13/hr 5 hours/day). Once qualified (or if determined to be qualified from the start), wages are $18 -$30/hour depending on experience. There is an opportunity for a bonus and more work throughout the year.


Assistant Art Director(s) 2 weeks must be well versed in the creative arts. Artists will be expected to work with the campers and create 2-4 projects connected to the week’s theme and help design the stage backdrop. You will be responsible for setting up and cleaning your work area. You must have artwork ready and stage set by the end of each week 3-4 hours per day. $20-$25


Dancer/choreographer(s) 2-3 weeks. You must be comfortable working with children of all abilities. Be able to choreograph at least 3 short original dance routines for large group and small groups in a short space of time for a performance at the end of each week. High energy and a fun attitude  is essential. The kids love Hip hop but blending modern, theater and jazz styles is also encouraged and welcomed. $25-$30 per hour


After school vocal teaching artist.

You will teach a hip well structured 1-hour class using pop music and games. It needs to be super fun, high energy and tightly focused. Repertoire is already in place and equipment is provided. You will need a Live Scan, $70, for each school district you teach in (this will be refunded upon successful completion of class ie. The school repeats the program). Programs go from 8 weeks to 12. You will be required to put a small showcase together at the end of each class.  Training at $12/hour will be provided. Once qualified, the wage is $30-$45 per class depending on experience.

Artist must have reliable transportation and be punctual. Punctuality is a must!


A college degree is not required but an love of the arts  and some creative background is essential.

You must be aged over 21.

email: MrDsMusicClub Include resume if you have one.