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Kids Creative Classes - Where Kids Explore the Creative Arts

Our kids creative classes at Mr. D's Music Club is a place where kids can dive in and start exploring the creative arts whether it be an art form they already love, one they've been curious about trying or something completely new to them.

Each Creative Space offers multiple programs and kids creative classes including 6-week sessions, drop-ins and school break options. Every class in the Creative Spaces incorporates conversation, interaction and engaging content so each child feels seen, heard and connected every time. Learn more about why we created the creative space.

58% of kids explore 2 or

more Creative Spaces

The Creative Spaces offer a variety of unique, live online programs for kids to explore singing, dance, acting, musical theater, ukulele, movement and more! 

Our creative classes for kids in the 2nd - 6th grades. NO EXPERIENCE OR FORMAL TRAINING NECESSARY!

Explore below to learn more about the programs offered in each Creative Space.

Singing Space

Join our teaching artists and sing your heart out to soulful Pop Music (old and new) thrilling Broadway Tunes and tunes by your favorite artists. Unlock your inner pop star!

Creative Space

It’s time to turn on your imagination as you get creative with hands-on projects like puppet making, storytelling, set design and collaboration with friends. Getting creative is one of the faves at Mr D's.

Movement Space

Unlock your bodies, get the blood flowing and shake off the cobwebs with our high energy, super fun, movement programs for kids including "Oula For Kids"!

Dance Space

Kids love to dance, but it can feel a little scary sometimes. Our focus with dance is for kids to feel strong (emotionally and physically) empowered and have a great workout, plus the simple joy of dancing.

Strumming Space

Want to learn an instrument? It’s OO-KOO-LE-LE time! No experience necessary (but you do need a ukulele). Start with the basics and be playing a favorite pop song before you know it.

Art Space

Time for some hands-on creativity! Using found materials from home, our teaching artists will inspire and guide you in fun, interesting and new artistic ways.

Musical Space

Explore the world of musical theater for kids and experience how fun singing, acting and dancing can be! Dive into the cherished classics or discover something new. Either way, you'll have a blast!

Acting Space

Have you ever wanted to learn more about acting? Work with talented Teaching Artists and discover your inner drama King or Queen through improv games, character development, reading scenes and pure fun.

Community Space

Let's get together and have fun!! Look here for family programs, fun Chill Outs with the Teaching Artists and the ever famous, low pressure Talent Show.

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