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Ukulele Programs available for Fall 2021

74% of kids return for two (2)

or more classes in the Creative Spaces.

This fall we are limiting our Creative Spaces offerings to our Ukulele program: "Crash Course Ukulele". Beginner and intermediate live, online ukulele classes are available for kids in 2nd - 6th grades. All you need is a ukulele, a tuner (you can download this for free) and access to Zoom.

There is no requirement for previous experience playing the ukulele. Kids will start strumming on day one and learn to play chords and sing some of their favorite pop songs during the program. A little practice goes a long way, so plan on your child to set some time aside each week to practice what they are learning in class.

The Creative Spaces at Mr. D's Music Club are designed to peak kids' curiosity about music and the performing arts.

No previous experience or formal training is required. Mr. D's is all about having fun and exploring your child's creative side as they discover new talents, try new things and make new friends.

Learn more about the ukulele program in the Strumming Space.


This online program is really well organized and thoughtfully put together - my daughter comes away from every class energized and excited for the next session! Mr .D and his artists have an energy for music, performing and teaching kids that is really special.


Even by remote, they still find a way to meet kids where they are, and build a safe and supportive creative place for them to grow.

~ Brian W., Piedmont, CA, 2020