Creative Spaces are designed to let kids choose the programs that sound like fun for them in advance, the day of or right up to when they start.

The programs in Creative Spaces offer variety and consistency all at the same time. This means a program can offer the experience of an ongoing series where the content grows and expands on itself from one day to the next.


At the same time, attending occasionally or as a drop-in your child will immediately be engaged and participating in the activity without feeling like they missed out on previous days. It's pretty awesome and, yes, this is achievable.


Each program is 1-hour long so kids can select from a variety of activities and stay busy throughout the week. We keep them affordable ($15 each) so that kids can try new things and explore new art forms. 

Creative Spaces are fun, flexible and have something for everyone. It's pretty awesome!

  1. Read about the Creative Spaces and select “Sign Up” on the ones that sound like fun

  2. Explore the different programs offered in the Creative Spaces. A new window opens up, so you can always navigate back to Mr. D’s Music Club’s site

  3. Sign Up and pay for the programs of your choice

  4. The registration form auto populates after your first registration, so signing up is fast and easy!

  5. Join a Waitlist and we’ll see if we can get you in or let you know the next time the class is offered


We look forward to seeing you in our Creative Spaces!


Already know what your kids love? Select programs based on your child's age. 

Singing Space

Everyone can sing, so don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Join our teaching artists and sing your heart out to Pop Music, Broadway Tunes and your favorite artists.

Musical Space

Explore the many aspects of musical theater including dance, singing, acting and bring it all together for an incredible experience.

Dance Space

Stretch, move and feel the music as you dance with one of our amazing teaching artists. Offerings include hip hop, urban tap dance, jazz, modern, collaborative dance (yes, online), freestyle and more.

Creative Space

It’s time to turn on your imagination as you get creative with hands-on projects like puppet making, storytelling, set design and collaboration with friends.

Strumming Space

Want to learn an instrument this summer? It’s OO-KOO-LE-LE time! No experience necessary (but you do need a ukulele). Start at the beginning and progress through the summer learning pop songs as you go.

Acting Space

Have you ever wanted to learn how to act? Work with our amazing UCLA Theater Majors to find your inner drama King or Queen. Offerings include improv games, script writing, acting through movement and more.

Movement Space

Unlock your bodies, get the blood flowing and shake off the cobwebs with our high energy, super fun, movement programs.

Art Space

Get your creative juices flowing in The Art Space. Using found materials from home, our teaching artists will inspire and guide you in fun and interesting new ways.

Community Space

Let's get together and have fun!! Look here for family programs, fun Hangouts with the Teaching Artists and the ever famous, super fun, low pressure Talent Shows.

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