Musical Theater at Mr. D's Music Club is both fun and (because of Covid) a unique exploration of the musicals we all love. The musical theater classes for kids are live, online programs that are engaging, interactive and fun!

In each 6-week session the kids will be cast a role (or two), receive a script written by the Teaching Artists, learn choreography for 2-3 songs, learn to sing a song and even take a solo. It's really amazing how quickly the kids learn the choreography and easily jump into their roles. The Teaching Artist are encouraging, funny, and so enthusiastic it's hard not to want to join the class and go for it! 

We also offer 1-hour musical theater classes for kids where they explore a musical. In the class they read scenes and take turns being different characters, learn simple choreography or learn singing one of the songs and take turns with solos. Each class is a little different depending on the musical and the Teaching Artists' unique approach to the class.

The students at Mr. D’s bring such contagious enthusiasm and curiosity to each class, whether it’s something they are familiar with or if it’s completely new to them. This makes it so much fun to dive into new activities, because the kids create such a safe and accepting space for each other to push their limits.

~ Julia Ribas, Teaching Artist, 2020

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