Live Online summer Camps

For 2021 we've brought Mr. D's Music Club award-winning summer camps online, so kids all over the country can experience the high energy, arts-based summer camps that keep kids moving, laughing, being creative and loving music, together! Here is how Live Online Camp works at Mr. D's:

5 Weeks of Camp

       June 28 - June 2​ - Non-Stop Pop

       July 26 - 30 - Off to the Movies

       August 9 - 13 - Flora & Fauna

       August 16 - 20 - Home

Camps run 9:00am - 12:30pm PST

Read more about our camp philosophy and

fun camp themes!

What to expect

  • Campers will do singing, acting, dancing and art every day of camp.

  • Across the week they will have 4-5 hours in each art form with Professional Teaching artists! 

  • Campers will be in small groups and work with the Teaching Artists and an assistance for a more community based experience. 

  • Time to socialize is important and we see kids do it on Zoom all the time in our online classes, so time for this is built into each day

  • On Friday, the kids will have a showcase for families so they can share what they created. This is a showcase on Zoom, so be open to it being a little funky, super fun, likely hilarious and a special moment for each camper to shine.

My daughter really enjoyed the singing part of the online club. She loved learning new songs. After her session, she'd be singing new tunes for days. She still does!


I am so impressed by your team's agility and ability to shift. My daughter was rapt, so something was working.

Sarah W., Oakland, CA - August 2020


This online program is really well organized and thoughtfully put together - my daughter comes away from every class energized and excited for the next session! Mr. D and his artists have an energy for music, performing and teaching kids that is really special.


Even by remote, they still find a way to meet kids where they are, and build a safe and supportive creative place for them to grow.

~ Brian W., Piedmont, CA, 2020


2021 Summer Camp Themes*

Live Online Camps

June 28 - 2

Non-Stop Pop

That's right! A week of endless pop songs we know and love and some that may be new to us as well. There's nothing better than great pop songs to kick off the summer!

July 26 - 30
Off to the Movies

The classic theme is back! It's a favorite each year, which makes sense because there are SO many great songs in the movies. Maybe we can't go to the theater yet, but we can still enjoy the movies, Mr. D's style.

August 9 - 13
Flora & Fauna

With a creative and eclectic song list we’ll be singing, dancing, acting and creating in celebration of all the plants and animals that make our world so amazing and beautiful. Reminding us to reconnect with the natural world and get away from the city lights once in a while.

August 16 - 20

As we wind down our in person camps and get ready for a new school year, we will celebrate a place we all got to know really well in the last year - Home :) There are so many great pop songs out there all about being home and fun art projects and acting experiences that bring it all together.


*All themes subject to change as needed