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What people are saying about Mr. D's Music Club and Summer Camps! 

Thanks to all and what a neat concept!

I’d like to say thanks to Stephen and all the counselors /directors. The performance today was very impressive! My daughter Chloe had a great time this week and what a great experience creating and contributing to the show! It was fun as a parent watching it come together through the week - seeing the artwork (Very cool!), the playlist ( Wow!), the posts on moment (definitely a fun and relaxed vibe!). And today I was pretty blown away- the stage looked amazing, the music sounded amazing, and above all, the kids really looked like they were having a blast!! So thanks to all, that was a very cool camp!

– Greg F. 2018

This was my daughter's second summer with Mr D. It was the one camp that she absolutely had to do again. The camp is great. The art work the kids create is better than any other camp, even camps where art was supposed to be the focus. My daughter is shy, but the staff makes her feel comfortable. The performance and the stage set was spectacular. We will be back next summer!

– Jill S. 2018

This camp is amazing. And differs from others in some beautiful ways:

1) ALL kids are intentionally and genuinely welcomed. The shy ones, the testing-boundaries ones (that's mine), the awkward ones, the natural-born talents, the rhythmless, the girls, the boys, the non-identifiers and everyone between. And the kids see themselves in the staff and counselors, who are like a brilliant rainbow.

2) Regardless of the theme, the emphasis is on creativity, expression, and being one's self. And they'll met your kid wherever they are.

3) Mr. D is exuberant. He's a natural. And he hires well. ( :

– Madawg 2018

My son loves Mr. D's summer camps! This is his third year and he can't wait to return next summer. It always amazes me how the kids can learn so many songs and dance routines in one week! Kudos to Mr. D and his fun staff! The Friday performances are always something to look forward to!

 – Eva F.  2018

I was watching the performance at Friday afternoon and the kids did amazing! I was surprised how much they learn in a week. And I can see all the kids enjoy the camp so much with Mr. D. My son give it 10 star out of 10! I am so glad that I send him to Mr D music camp. He learned singing, dancing also doing art painting and yoga! He liked it a lot. If your kids likes music and dancing, don't miss this fun camp!This is the most amazing camp! If your child likes to sing, dance and visual arts, this is the place for them. 

– Reese H. 2017

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