Strumming Space

Best Ukulele Classes For Kids

Ukulele classes for kids at Mr. D's Music Club is a new offering since we transitioned to live, online programs for kids and it's been a huge success!

Programs offered in the Strumming Space focus on teaching kids chords quickly, so they can start strumming their ukulele's right away! As the session progresses kids learn strumming technique, new chords and how to sing and play at the same time. With a little practice between classes, kids will be playing and singing their favorite pop songs in no time.

We now offer Ukulele Level 1 and Ukulele Level 2.

Learning the Ukulele not only develops hand-eye coordination but also helps with basic music theory, ear training, and pitch identification. And it always sounds good.


With a practice schedule of 10 minutes a day, kids learn to take ownership of their instrument and take their playing to the next level if they choose.

~ Mr. D, Teaching Artist & Owner, 2020