winter 2021 

Session 1

January 18 - February 19


Exploring Space

Creatively and Artistically

Join us for an out of this world creative experience!! We'll be exploring the arts in so many fun ways. Our theme for Session 1 is SPACE. This means an extraordinary playlist curated by Mr. D himself that's full of cool spacey pop songs. If you attended Mr. D's Music Club in the past, you know our themes are fluid, so you are sure to find some unexpected surprises in the playlist.

Space certainly has its obvious connections - the solar system, aliens, space travel, stars, extraterrestrials, astronauts, space ships, space food, the list is endless. But there's also the vastness of space and the concept of creating space in our own lives. Even the concept of the Creative Spaces have a place in this theme.


We'll explore it all and be true pioneers of the first frontier, together, in interactive and engaging classes that not only get us singing, dancing, playing and creating, but also gives us space to try new things, take creative risks and have fun connecting.

Session dates are January 18 - February 19, 2020.