Mr D's Award-winning programs now offer online after school classes for creative and curious kids.

Grades 2nd - 6th.


FALL 2020


Mr D’s Music Club is proud to present online art classes for kids to help encourage them to create artistic space in their lives while attending school remotely.

Mr D's Music Club is a collaborative, arts-based community that brings Teaching Artists and creative kids together to Keep Kids Inspired.


Through fun, interactive, live online programs for kids your child will experience the joy of creating, singing, dancing and connecting with others through the arts.


No previous experience or formal training is required. Mr D's is all about having fun and exploring your creative side to discover new talents, try new things and meet new friends. 


We invite every child who loves the creative classes for kids, or just wants to try something new and different in a unique, safe, and supportive Creative Space, to join us this fall.


With communities have to adjust with new COVID regulations, we wanted to make sure kids have access to the creative arts, no matter where they are.


Want to see what the Creative Spaces are all about? Sign up for an individual class and try out a new art form (or revisit a favorite) and get creative!


It's amazing what kids can create in a 5-class series from singing solos, performing a mini-musical or learning the ukulele. Check out what's on offer!

Arts for All Initiative

@ Mr D's Music Club

We believe all kids should have access to the creative arts no matter what.


The Arts for All Initiative offers 50% off for any child interested in attending Mr D's Music Club.


No questions asked.






Singing Space

Everyone can sing. Join our teaching artists and sing your heart out to Soul filled Pop Music (old and new) thrilling Broadway Tunes and your favorite artists. Unlock your inner pop star!

Learn more about Singing @ Mr D's

Creative Space

It’s time to turn on your imagination as you get creative with hands-on projects like puppet making, storytelling, set design and collaboration with friends. Getting creative is one of the faves at Mr D's.

Movement Space

Unlock your bodies, get the blood flowing and shake off the cobwebs with our high energy, super fun, movement programs. This includes OULA for kids @ Mr D's!

Learn more about Movement @ Mr D's

Dance Space

Kids love to dance, but it can feel a little scary sometimes. Our focus with dance is for kids to feel strong (emotionally and physically) empowered and have a great workout, plus the simple joy of dancing.

Learn more about Dancing @ Mr D's

Strumming Space

Want to learn an instrument? It’s OO-KOO-LE-LE time! No experience necessary (but you do need a ukulele). Start with the basics and be playing a favorite pop song before you know it.

Learn more about Ukulele @ Mr D's

Art Space

Time for some hands-on creativity! Using found materials from home, our teaching artists will inspire and guide you in fun, interesting and new artistic ways.

Learn more about Art @ Mr D's

Musical Space

Explore the world of musical theater for kids and experience how fun singing, acting and dancing can be! Dive into the cherished classics or discover something new. Either way, you'll have a blast!

Learn more about Musicals @ Mr D's

Acting Space

Have you ever wanted to learn more about acting? Work with talented Teaching Artists and discover your inner drama King or Queen through improv games, character development and pure fun.

Learn more about Acting @ Mr D's

Community Space

Let's get together and have fun!! Look here for family programs, fun Chill Outs with the Teaching Artists and the ever famous, low pressure Talent Show.


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Fun Creative Classes for All Kids



Creative Spaces are designed to provide families flexibility and give kids access to the creative online programs for kids they love. Each Creative Space has fun, interactive programs for the kids that vary each session. Learn more about the Creative Spaces.

Creative Space are taught by a professional Teaching Artists who bring their own unique creative vision and talent to the classes. Creative Spaces include singing, art, dance, acting, and musical theater.

Our live, interactive online classes are created to engage kids through collaboration, encouragement and the simple fun of trying something new. We use Zoom to host the classes and have found innovative ways to not only provide quality and inspiring creative arts programs via Zoom, but we also keep the content fresh, the experience safe and always FUN!

December Programs

We have a variety of offerings with various schedules to help business families.

This includes 5-week class series, mini-sessions, a musical theater intensive and

single classes for drop-ins or to just try something new with minimal commitment.

Creative Spaces in December include Singing, Movement, Art, Acting and Musical Theater.



Arts for All Initiative

Mr D's Music Club has always offered scholarships to our programs and we believe strongly that all children should have access to the arts. We also recognize that this is a difficult time for families, and for kids, so we want to ensure access to the creative arts is easier than ever before for all kids in a financially accessible way for families.


The Arts for All Initiative helps us achieve this by offering families with children interested in attending our Online Creative Spaces with 50% off two (2) class series programs. No Questions Asked. 

Simply fill out this quick form for access to a customized promo code that you may use while registering your child(ren) for 1-2 class series currently available in the Creative Spaces.

See available class-series here.


Meet the creative people who have come together to Keep Kids Inspired.


Mr. D (aka Stephen Duffy)


Meet the creator, founder and inspiration of Mr. D's Music Club, Stephen Duffy. Mr. D tapped into the love and inspiration of music at an early age (7 and certain stardom would hit at 9). Only as an adult and well into parenthood did he fully realize the value of music in a child's life. Not only is Mr. D an accomplished singer/songwriter, he is, more importantly, a valued educator and mentor. He inspires the students he teaches to create an eclectic playlist in life that isn't always obvious. As a mentor to young Teaching Artists he always maintains the most important mantra: Make.It.FUN!

"Mr. D literally gives everything he has to his students and classes, and is cherished by my entire family. I suggest signing up for some of his VERY affordable online summer classes before they fill up."

  - Patricia B., San Rafael, CA

Join Mr D's Creative Spaces

Haleyann Hart

The Dance, Musical &

Acting Spaces

Haleyann is so excited to be a part of Mr. D’s team! She is a recent graduate of the renowned Musical Theater program at UCLA and has been performing for over 15 years. At UCLA, Haleyann was the dance captain of two Main Stage musicals, choreographed a production of “Little Shop of Horrors,” and was a member of YOUTHphonics A Cappella- an organization dedicated to community service and music education.


Other favorite credits include performing at Woodminster in “Oklahoma!” and “Joseph and the... Dreamcoat,” and attending the Rockettes Summer Intensive in NYC where she received a prestigious scholarship award. She loves to teach, and can’t wait to dance with the students at Mr. D’s! 

Join Haleyann's Creative Spaces

Kay Sibal

The Musical & Acting Spaces

Though Kay was raised in a choir surrounded by classical piano and voice training, she has always had a passion for pop music as well. In high school she dove into musical theater and now pursues a BA in Theater at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.


Kay works with kids every summer, whether it be assisting the acting program at Piedmont High School, working as a counselor and teacher at Mr. D’s Music Club, or teaching private music lessons in guitar, piano, and voice to students in the area.

"2 thumbs up for Kay and her Musical Theater class.... my daughter thought she was awesome!"

    ~ Lesley A., San Francisco, CA

Julia Ribas

The Musical, Acting &

Singing Spaces

Julia Ribas is a junior at UCLA’s school of Theatre, Film and Television in the Ray Bolger Musical Theatre Program. She has been involved in acting, singing, and dancing for as long as she can remember. Aside from her passion for music, she also loves to travel, watch movies, and ski with her family. Originally from the Seattle area, Julia misses the California sunshine as she’s quarantined back home. However, she’s so excited to teach with Mr. D’s Music Club this summer, because her students always brighten up her day—even when it’s raining outside!

Join Julia's Creative Spaces

Quincy Kosena

The Movement Space

A Montana native living in Seattle, Quincy has loved dancing and letting loose for as long as she can remember. She was first captivated by the OULA spirit in 2012 and has been hooked ever since. (Give it a google if you’re curious!) Like many kids, Quincy was labeled early on as a “free spirit” and she was really drawn to the open, laidback nature of OULA. She believes deeply in the importance of moving emotions through the body, not just for kiddos, but for everyone - regardless of age! Mr. D’s philosophy is so inspiring and right in line with that of OULA: it’s not about how it looks, just about how it feels!

Join Quincy's Movement Spaces


Here's what people have been saying about Mr. D's Music Club!

Dear Mr. D I’m SO HAPPY to share that S. loved today’s music class. She has been such a fan of camp the past years, and it warms our hearts to see the connections continue. Thanks to you and your team for working so hard to create something special during this difficult time.

 Sara W., Oakland, CA  - July 2020

Thanks for helping our family keep it together this summer! Seriously! Our 12 year old son,  took over 20 classes with you guys this summer and loved them all, especially Dancing and acting and Puppet making and of course, singing with you. We’ve seen a real change in him and it’s really saved us all

Mina J., El Cerrito, CA  - August 2020

Dear Mr D, just wanted you to know that  Z really enjoyed taking the different classes this summer and I was grateful that she could express herself creatively. You and the teaching artists did an amazing job

Christina G., Oakland, CA - August 2020

This (Covid) summer online program was really well organized, and thoughtfully put together - my daughter came away from every class energized and excited for the next session! Mr D and his artists have an energy for music, performing and teaching kids that is really special. Even by remote, they still find a way to meet kids where they are, and build a safe and supportive creative place for them to grow.

Brian W., Piedmont, CA - September 2020

Dear Mr D. Our son, C. is really enjoying your classes and we definitely feel like we’ve stumbled into something really special!

Kelly K., Berkeley, CA - June 2020

We were pretty wary about online music programs. Mr. D's Music Club online was a lot better than we expected. It was more than decent. Can you sign me up again?

Wendy B., Oakland, CA - July 2020



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