Mr. D's Music Club's award-winning summer camps are back for summer 2021!

Summer 2020 Music Video
Dancing at Mr. D's
The Singing Space at Mr. D's Music Club
Singing at Mr. D's
The Art Space at Mr. D's Music Club
Acting at Mr. D's

Mr. D's Music Club
Singing - Dancing - Acting - Art - Fun & Friends

This past year has been a wild ride! We can't begin to express how excited and grateful we are to be able to host our popular in person summer camps this year. Both programs are designed to build confidence and get kids exploring the arts. Whether it's online or in person, the camps are structured as a collaborative, arts-based community for any child curious about the performing arts. 

Online and in person camps include dancing, singing, acting and art by professional Teaching Artists who are not only passionate about their art form, but also LOVE teaching kids. 

No previous experience or formal training is required. Mr. D's is all about having fun and exploring your child's creative side as they discover new talents, try new things and make new friends.

Join us for in person summer camps in the creative arts for 8-12 year olds!

Learn more about the 2021 Summer Camps

 Summer camp dates

June 2021

June 14 - 18 (In Person) -  Non-Stop Pop (Waitlist ONLY!)

June  21 - 25 (In Person) - Off to the Movies (Waitlist ONLY!)

July 2021

July 12 - 16 (In Person) - Flora & Fauna

July  19 - 23 (In Person) - Icons

August 2021

August 2 - 6 (In Person) - Home

August 9 - 13 (In Person) - Heroes & Villains

Online Summer Camps Have been Postponed

Online programs will return Fall 2021


Please note: Some images on this website are from summer camps prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This camp is amazing. And differs from others in some beautiful ways:

1) ALL kids are intentionally and genuinely welcomed. The shy ones, the testing-boundaries ones (that's mine), the awkward ones, the natural-born talents, the rhythmless, the girls, the boys, the non-identifiers and everyone between. And the kids see themselves in the staff and counselors, who are like a brilliant rainbow.


2) Regardless of the theme, the emphasis is on creativity, expression, and being one's self. And they'll meet your kid wherever they are.

3). Mr. D is exuberant. He's a natural. And he hires well :)

~ Barry G., Oakland, CA 2018