Design your own online summer camp! Art-based classes for kids of all abilities. Ages 7-14!




Mr. D’s Music Club is proud to present online programs for summer 2020 that encourages kids to create artistic space in their lives.

Mr. D's Music Club is a collaborative, arts-based community that brings Teaching Artists and curious kids together to Keep Kids Inspired.


The 1-hour Creative Spaces are $15 each and provide an artistic outlet for your child to explore singing, art, music, dance, instruments, musical theater and more! 


Each hour includes an interactive, social and engaging experience so that every child feels seen, heard and connected.

Design your own online summer camp for the week or pick and choose programs based on your schedule. There's something for every child of all abilities. No prior experience or formal training necessary.

Join us this summer and keep your creative juices flowing, make new friends and be inspired!

Dear Mr. D I’m SO HAPPY to share that S. loved today’s music class. She has been such a fan of camp the past years, and it warms our hearts to see the connections continue. So first off, thanks to you and your team for working so hard to create something special during this difficult time.

~ Sarah W., Oakland, July 2020

This Week's Programs

August 3 - 7th

Ongoing classes and drop-ins available in art, music, signing, dance and more!


The Signing Space - Try out Pop Music & Beyond 8/10 @ 3pm for only $10!

Fun musicals throughout August

The Music Space - Check out the upcoming Intro to Musical Theater Schedule! Musicals include Newsies, Teen Beach Movie, High School Musical & Hamilton!

Chill Out with Mr D

Contribute to Summer Playlist 2020 and share the songs and artists you love the most! Only 4 classes left!

Schedules Adjusted for School 

We've shifted some programs to accommodate school starting on August 10th for many of our Music Club attendees.






Singing Space

Everyone can sing, so don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Join our teaching artists and sing your heart out to Pop Music, Broadway Tunes and your favorite artists.

Creative Space

It’s time to turn on your imagination as you get creative with hands-on projects like puppet making, storytelling, set design and collaboration with friends.

Movement Space

Unlock your bodies, get the blood flowing and shake off the cobwebs with our high energy, super fun, movement programs.

Dance Space

Stretch, move and feel the music as you dance with one of our amazing teaching artists. Offerings include hip hop, urban tap dance, jazz, modern, collaborative dance (yes, online), freestyle and more.

Strumming Space

Want to learn an instrument this summer? It’s OO-KOO-LE-LE time! No experience necessary (but you do need a ukulele). Start at the beginning and progress through the summer learning pop songs as you go.

Art Space

Get your creative juices flowing in The Art Space. Using found materials from home, our teaching artists will inspire and guide you in fun and interesting new ways.

Music Space

Explore the many aspects of the music world including musical theater, songwriting, music appreciation, "The Industry" and more. Music is the expression of our times. Let's go there!

Acting Space

Have you ever wanted to learn how to act? Work with our amazing UCLA Theater Majors to find your inner drama King or Queen. Offerings include improv games, script writing, acting through movement and more.

Community Space

Let's get together and have fun!! Look here for family programs, fun Chill Outs with the Teaching Artists and the ever famous, super fun, low pressure Talent Show.




Design Your Own Online Summer Camp with the Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces are designed to let kids choose the programs that sound like fun for them in advance, the day of or right before they start.

The programs in Creative Spaces offer variety and consistency all at the same time. This means a program can offer the experience of an ongoing series where the content grows and expands on itself from one day to the next.


At the same time, attending occasionally or as a drop-in your child will immediately be engaged and participating in the activity without feeling like they missed out on previous days.


Each program is 1-hour long so kids can select from a variety of activities and stay busy throughout the week. We keep them affordable ($15 each) so that kids can try new things and explore new art forms. 

Creative Spaces are fun, flexible and have something for everyone. It's pretty awesome!

  1. Read about the Creative Spaces and select “Sign Up” on the ones that sound like fun

  2. Explore the different programs offered in the Creative Spaces. A new window opens up, so you can always navigate back to Mr. D’s Music Club’s site

  3. Sign Up and pay for the programs of your choice

  4. The registration form auto populates after your first registration, so signing up is fast and easy!

  5. Join a Waitlist and we’ll see if we can get you in or let you know the next time the class is offered


We look forward to seeing you in our Creative Spaces!


Already know what your kids love? Select programs based on your child's age. 

Mr. D's Space


Meet the creative people who have come together to Keep Kids Inspired.


Mr. D (aka Stephen Duffy)


Meet the creator, founder and inspiration of Mr. D's Music Club, Stephen Duffy. Mr. D tapped into the love and inspiration of music at an early age (7 and certain stardom would hit at 9). Only as an adult and well into parenthood did he fully realize the value of music in a child's life. Not only is Mr. D an accomplished singer/songwriter, he is, more importantly, a valued educator and mentor. He inspires the students he teaches to create an eclectic playlist in life that isn't always obvious. As a mentor to young Teaching Artists he always maintains the most important mantra: Make.It.FUN!

"Mr. D literally gives everything he has to his students and classes, and is cherished by my entire family. I suggest signing up for some of his VERY affordable online summer classes before they fill up."

  - Patricia B., San Rafael, CA

Join Mr. D's Creative Spaces

Anne Millhauser

The Singing Space

Anne Millhauser is currently a rising Junior in college, pursuing a BA in Theatre at UCLA with an emphasis in Musical Theatre. She has been surrounded by theatre since she was little, and started musical theatre specifically when she was in middle school. Children's theatre and music programs have helped mold who she is, so she is absolutely thrilled to be giving back.


Her favorite plays as a child revolved around all things mystical and magical like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, so talking about anything fantasy is a special passion for her. She has taught Zoom classes before, and is excited to bring an imaginative twist to her classes with Mr. D's Music Club along with her pop singing classes.

Join Anne's Singing Spaces

Risa Lenore

The Creative Space

Risa Lenore is a teaching artist, performer, storyteller and puppet artist. She spends her days making things: drawings, puppets, costumes, mail-art, dances and stories. Risa lives with her cat, kid and partner in Berkeley California. She is very much looking forward to meeting you and to creating with you in your home! 

Join Risa's Creative Spaces

Anna Dodd

The Movement Space

Anna was raised in Montana and now lives in Seattle, Washington. Her day job includes educating and supporting parents who have deaf or hard of hearing infants. In addition, she holds certification in Oula and Oula POWER. Oula is Anna's favorite activity for movement, connecting with others and having a great time.


"Oula gives me the space to move to music and lyrics with community. It feels amazing to move and breathe at the same rhythm with others. Yes, it's a workout, but a fun one! It's also a practice of self and collective empathy."


Anna, her husband and little girl live close to the Puget Sound and enjoy beach days full of tide pools and sea glass collecting.

"My daughter really enjoyed The Movement Space w/ Anna, she was laughing and dancing the entire time!"

  - Catherine S., Sausalito, CA

Join Anna's Movement Spaces

Kay Sibal

The Musical Space

Though Kay was raised in a choir surrounded by classical piano and voice training, she has always had a passion for pop music as well. In high school she dove into musical theater and now pursues a BA in Theater at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.


Kay works with kids every summer, whether it be assisting the acting program at Piedmont High School, working as a counselor and teacher at Mr. D’s Music Club, or teaching private music lessons in guitar, piano, and voice to students in the area.

"2 thumbs up for Kay and her Musical Theater class.... my daughter thought she was awesome!"

    ~ Lesley A., San Francisco, CA

Join Kay's Music Spaces

Haleyann Hart

The Dance Space

Haleyann is so excited to be a part of Mr. D’s team this summer! She is a recent graduate of the renowned Musical Theater program at UCLA and has been performing for over 15 years. At UCLA, Haleyann was the dance captain of two Main Stage musicals, choreographed a production of “Little Shop of Horrors,” and was a member of YOUTHphonics A Cappella- an organization dedicated to community service and music education.


Other favorite credits include performing at Woodminster in “Oklahoma!” and “Joseph and the... Dreamcoat,” and attending the Rockettes Summer Intensive in NYC where she received a prestigious scholarship award. She loves to teach, and can’t wait to dance with the students at Mr. D’s! 

Join Haleyann's Dance Spaces

Julia Ribas

The Singing Space

Julia Ribas is a junior at UCLA’s school of Theatre, Film and Television in the Ray Bolger Musical Theatre Program. She has been involved in acting, singing, and dancing for as long as she can remember. Aside from her passion for music, she also loves to travel, watch movies, and ski with her family. Originally from the Seattle area, Julia misses the California sunshine as she’s quarantined back home. However, she’s so excited to teach with Mr. D’s Music Club this summer, because her students always brighten up her day—even when it’s raining outside!

Join Julia's Singing Spaces

Julie Pollack

The Art Space

Bio Coming Soon


Here's what people have been saying about Mr. D's Music Club!

Dear Mr. D I’m SO HAPPY to share that S. loved today’s music class. She has been such a fan of camp the past years, and it warms our hearts to see the connections continue. So first off, thanks to you and your team for working so hard to create something special during this difficult time.

 Sara W., Oakland, CA

I love your energy and voice! This class was AMAZING!

Emi D., 9 years old, Oakland, CA

Mr. D literally gives everything he has to his students and classes, and is cherished by my entire family. I suggest signing up for some of his VERY affordable online summer classes before they fill up. There's a little bit of everything offered, from singing to dancing, and all different genres of music are explored. My kids also love being able to spend time with Mr. D and meet new people, all from the comfort of home! Communication is also top notch, so expect quick responses should you have any questions.

 Patricia B., San Rafael, CA

Mr D's Music Club is completely amazing, especially during Shelter In Place!  My daughters have been doing the online Zoom classes and they absolutely love them. There is a variety of classes to meet their interests including Music, Dancing and Movement, Puppet Making and more.  Every instructor has been organized, knowledgeable, engaging and most importantly -- FUN! 

Cynthia H., San Rafael, CA 

Stephen Duffy, who runs Mr. D’s Music Club, is amazing. Consider sending your kids (virtually) this summer!

Theresa L.,  San Rafael CA

Dear Mr D. Our son, C. is really enjoying your classes and we definitely feel like we’ve stumbled into something really special!

Kelly K., Berkeley, CA

My daughter really enjoyed The Movement Space w/ Anna, she was laughing and dancing the entire time! My daughter also tried the Zoom Ukulele class for the first time last week. A video tutorial was offered before the class to help tune the instrument and the teacher helped her with it in class as well. We've enjoyed all our classes through Mr. D's Music and with the infamous Mr D himself!

Catherine S., Sausalito, CA

We were pretty wary about online music programs. Mr. D's Music Club online was a lot better than we expected. It was more than decent. Can you sign me up again?

 Wendy B., Oakland, CA

Mr. D is the music teacher at my daughter's school. She has taken his after school club, and since quarantine, she has participated in his online programs. Usually his summer camp is in Oakland, CA. What a silver lining that we can now get this experience in Marin :).

Mr. D is an awesome teacher, and his programs are a reflection of him. The instructors he has are kind, patient and passionate about teaching. I would highly recommend trying an online program - you won't be disappointed!

And 2 thumbs up for Kay and her Musical Theater class.... my daughter thought she was awesome!

 Lesley A.,  San Francisco, CA



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