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Leader-In-Training (LIT)

The LIT program is designed for 14-15-year-olds to have a work-like experience while developing leadership skills. Interested applicants will complete an online application and attend a Zoom interview. Selected applicants will receive a private registration link to register for two consecutive weeks of summer camp.

Leaders-In-Training receives a free t-shirt, free pizza lunch on Fridays, free after-care every day should they want to stay and hang out (many do!), and a multiple camp discount. Payment plans are available.

Space is limited and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The LIT Experience At Mr. D's

During the camp week, LIT’s will experience the following leadership opportunities:


  • Be assigned to a group of campers they will work with throughout the camp week. LITs will move through the arts with the campers each camp day (singing, acting, dancing, and art).


  • Guide their group through daily camp activities, answer campers’ questions, monitor camper behavior, report conflicts to staff, notify staff of injuries, connect with the shy campers, and be the positive, upbeat force that motivates their group as the campers prepare for the Friday performance.


  • Assist Teaching Artists as needed and fully participate as required in three of the four art forms. You might also help with any or all of the following:


Singing - coordinate vocal warmups, sing with the kids, run the sound for Mr. D during camp and at the show.


Acting - participate in improv games, act in the skit if necessary, help manage the backstage crew of kids, help kids run through their lines.


Dancing - learn the dance with the campers, run the music for the Teaching Artist, practice with the campers during lunch or breaks


Art - create art projects with the campers, help the Teaching Artist assist campers, help manage art supplies.

  • Have lunch with the campers, come up with fun games during lunch and breaks, hang out at the camp space, and help keep an eye on the campers.


  • Attend a check-in with staff on Wednesday of each camp week

      to receive feedback and guidance, provide feedback and

      suggestions for ways to improve the camp week, and receive

      clarification on any questions they may have. 


  • Help Teaching Artists, staff, and campers prepare for the

      Friday Performance. Such as assisting with set design,

      practicing with the campers, setting up the audience's space,

      or other tasks as needed.


  • Support staff as needed, such as helping set up or break down

      creative spaces at camp, complete basic administrative tasks, tidy the

      camp area, or complete other projects.


We have revamped this program in 2022 to emphasize LITs having a work-like experience, so when they are old enough to go out into the workforce, they have a foundation from which to build on.

I loved watching my daughters' confidence soar when they are challenged to meet their potential in the spotlight! Thank you, Mr. D., for providing this opportunity! We struggled with public speaking and spotlight moments during the school year, so this change of environment and supportive atmosphere was a gift.

Liza T, piedmont, CA - June 2021

Requirements for Leaders-In-Training:

  • Enjoy working with kids and have a sense of humor.


  • An appreciation for the performing arts. 


  • Participate in three of the four art forms at camp.


  • Willingness to be busy and active at camp.


  • Attend a short meeting on the Sunday before their two weeks of camp. This meeting provides an opportunity to learn more about what will be happening at camp and receive some initial training.


  • 14-15 years old, available for two consecutive camp weeks from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday.


  • Participation in the Friday performance both on and off the stage.

If your teen is interested in the LIT program,

please email for the next steps.

Liza T. Piedmont, CA - June 2021

My daughter has loved Mr. D's Music Club for several years running and only wants more.  Other camps wear out eventually, but this one never ceases to be fun and challenging in the best way.  


She says, "It's because there is always a new theme, so it's never the same.  To me, it's amazing that we can actually put an hour-long show together in a week.  We work hard, and it's super fun.  Mr. D pretty much always has a funny thing to say, and he just makes us all laugh and is really a great guy to be around."  


Mr. D. is clearly committed to a high-quality musical and camp experience for every kid; he hires warm, talented people to help him and is very hands-on and involved.  I couldn't recommend this camp more!

~ Laura F., Alameda, CA, Summer 2017

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