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Dear Mr. D I’m SO HAPPY to share that S. loved today’s music class. She has been such a fan of camp the past years, and it warms our hearts to see the connections continue. Thanks to you and your team for working so hard to create something special during this difficult time.

 Sara W., Oakland, CA  - July 2020

I love your energy and voice! This class was AMAZING!

Emi D., 9 yrs old, Oakland, CA - June 2020

My daughter really enjoyed The Movement Space w/ Anna, she was laughing and dancing the entire time! My daughter also tried the Zoom Ukulele class for the first time last week. A video tutorial was offered before the class to help tune the instrument and the teacher helped her with it in class as well. We've enjoyed all our classes through Mr. D's Music and with the fabulous Mr D himself!

Catherine S., Sausalito, CA - July 2020

Mr. D literally gives everything he has to his students and classes, and is cherished by my entire family. I suggest signing up for some of his VERY affordable online summer classes before they fill up. There's a little bit of everything offered, from singing to dancing, and all different genres of music are explored. My kids also love being able to spend time with Mr. D and meet new people, all from the comfort of home! Communication is also top notch, so expect quick responses should you have any questions.

 Patricia B., San Rafael, CA - July 2020

Thanks for helping our family keep it together this summer! Seriously! Our 12 year old son,  took over 20 classes with you guys this summer and loved them all, especially Dancing and acting and Puppet making and of course, singing with you. We’ve seen a real change in him and it’s really saved us all

Mina J., El Cerrito, CA - August 2020

... Our daughter loved the variety of programs and especially seemed to have fun during the acting space classes. Our son loved the art classes. The teachers seemed to really enjoy what they do which sets the tone for the class. The kids had fun interacting with all of their teachers. Both look forward to taking more classes

Sheryl F., Oakland, CA - August 2020

Dear Mr D, just wanted you to know that  Z really enjoyed taking the different classes this summer and I was grateful that she could express herself creatively. You and the teaching artists did an amazing job

Christina G.,  Oakland, CA - September 2020

Stephen Duffy, who runs Mr. D’s Music Club, is amazing. Consider sending your kids (virtually) this summer!

Theresa L.,  San Rafael CA - July 2020

Mr D's Music Club is completely amazing, especially during Shelter In Place!  My daughters have been doing the online Zoom classes and they absolutely love them. There is a variety of classes to meet their interests including Music, Dancing and Movement, Puppet Making and more.  Every instructor has been organized, knowledgeable, engaging and most importantly -- FUN! 

Cynthia H., San Rafael, CA - July 2020

This (Covid) summer online program was really well organized, and thoughtfully put together - my daughter came away from every class energized and excited for the next session! Mr D and his artists have an energy for music, performing and teaching kids that is really special. Even by remote, they still find a way to meet kids where they are, and build a safe and supportive creative place for them to grow.

Brian W., Piedmont, CA - September 2020

Dear Mr D’s Music Club staff, my daughter really enjoyed the singing part of the online club. She loved learning new songs. After her session, she'd be singing new tunes for days. She still does. I am so impressed by your team's agility and ability to shift. S. was rapt, so something was working.

Sarah W., Oakland, CA - August 2020

Stephen has a wonderful rapport with the kids, and his enthusiasm for music and performance -- not as work, but as a source of joy and fascination -- is infectious!

Ben G., Berkeley, CA - September 2020

We were pretty wary about online music programs. Mr. D's Music Club online was a lot better than we expected. It was more than decent. Can you sign me up again?

 Wendy B., Oakland, CA - July 2020

Dear Mr D. Our son, C. is really enjoying your classes and we definitely feel like we’ve stumbled into something really special!

Kelly K., Berkeley, CA - June 2020

Mr. D is the music teacher at my daughter's school. She has taken his after school club, and since quarantine, she has participated in his online programs. Usually his summer camp is in Oakland, CA. What a silver lining that we can now get this experience in Marin :).

Mr. D is an awesome teacher, and his programs are a reflection of him. The instructors he has are kind, patient and passionate about teaching. I would highly recommend trying an online program - you won't be disappointed!

And 2 thumbs up for Kay and her Musical Theater class.... my daughter thought she was awesome!

 Lesley A.,  San Francisco, CA - July 2020

...Even during the COVID pandemic, Mr. D's camp saved the summer with a variety of online classes for our 2 boys! From dancing to singing to drama and ukulele classes. Very impressed and grateful that they could put together such a rich program at very reasonable prices…

Irem R.,  San Francisco, CA - September 2020

Hi Stephen, thank you so much for your online summer program. Our kids had a lot of fun and  your classes were a lifesaver for us all.  Because of the pandemic, our kids were stuck in the house but because of you, they had some super fun activities to do.

Stella B.,  Richmond, CA - August 2020

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