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Mr. D's Music Club

My child loves Mr D's Camp and came home from Week 1 requesting that I cancel all his other summer camps so that he can do more Mr D's! It is a joy to hear him singing the songs he has learned at camp (non-stop!) and be so excited to perform. Thank you Mr D for bringing this out in him!

Judy L.,  Piedmont, CA - June 2021
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Thanks to all and what a neat concept!

I’d like to say thanks to Stephen and all the counselors/directors. The performance today was very impressive! My daughter had a great time this week and what a great experience creating and contributing to the show! It was fun as a parent watching it come together through the week - seeing the artwork (Very cool!), the playlist ( Wow!), the daily communications ( definitely a fun and relaxed vibe!). And today I was pretty blown away- the stage looked amazing, the music sounded amazing, and above all, the kids really looked like they were having a blast!! So thanks to all, that was a very cool camp!

Greg F.,  Oakland, CA - Summer 2018
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Dear Mr D, just wanted you to know that  Z really enjoyed taking the different classes this summer and I was grateful that she could express herself creatively. You and the teaching artists did an amazing job

Christina G.,  Oakland, CA - September 2020

Live Online

Dear Mr. D I’m SO HAPPY to share that my daughter loved today’s music class. She has been such a fan of camp the past years, and it warms our hearts to see the connections continue. Thanks to you and your team for working so hard to create something special during this difficult time.

Sara W., Oakland, CA  - July 2020

Live Online

My daughters had a blast at Mr. D’s music club camp. They had appropriate safety precautions for Covid and made it a fantastic experience for the kids. My kids are already asking to go back for another week of camp.

Cori K., Piedmont, CA - June 2021
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Mr. D's is by far the best summer camp I've sent my child to.


Not only does Mr. D offer relevant and contemporary musical experiences for children (they sing songs they like and can relate to!), but he's a joy to be around (as is Hailey, who runs the camp). These two are such special humans. It's really a blessing to get to be in their presence and care. My child gets to connect with her passion for the arts because Mr. D brings his passion and enjoyment. There are so few experiences out there that offer this much life and connection. Our children receive too much didactic, energy-sapped "instruction".


This camp is a breath of fresh air.

Kasey V., Emeryville, CA - July 2021
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This is the most amazing camp! If your child likes to sing, dance and visual arts, this is the place for them.


The day starts with a morning gathering and plan for the day. The camp breaks into groups to start learning music and different dances. Then comes art. Depending on the theme for the week, your child will get art instruction from a talented art instructor Julie Pollack. 


Mr. D - Steven Duffy - is the most loving and inspirational man. He manages to take the kids from Monday to Friday learning so many songs and dances that are performed at the end of the week with stage design all done by the campers. It is truly astounding how well they process the material and perform as though they had been practicing for weeks. The dance teacher MoMo gets to know the kids and challenges them to do the best possible performance that they can.

We love this camp! I wish I had found it sooner!

Suesan G., Berkeley, CA - Summer 2017

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Stephen has a wonderful rapport with the kids, and his enthusiasm for music and performance -- not as work, but as a source of joy and fascination -- is infectious!

Ben G., Berkeley, CA - September 2020

Live Online

Wow, what can I say about Mr. D's Music Club that hasn't already been said? It's FANTASTIC!


My somewhat shy-but-yearning-to-unleash-her-inner-star 8-year-old daughter has enjoyed this camp so much. She has really blossomed in her self-confidence and desire to do more singing and dancing. Mr. D gets kids to dive right in, shed their shyness, and engage in the art, dancing, singing, games, silliness, and fun from the get-go. She has, and she's loooooved it.


She's also been learning some great songs and pop-culture references from this session "At the Movies" so we chat a lot about it after camp. It's always a good sign when your kid comes home smiling, sweaty, exhausted, and excited to show you everything they've learned! You've inspired her, Mr. D! Keep on, keepin' on...

Becky W., Berkeley, CA - Summer 2016

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My daughter has loved Mr. D's Music Club for several years running, and only wants more.  Other camps wear out eventually, but this one never ceases to be fun, and challenging in the best way.  


She says, "It's because there is always a new theme, so it's never exactly the same.  To me, it's amazing that we can actually put an hour-long show together in a week.  We work hard and it's super fun.  Mr. D pretty much always has a funny thing to say, and he just makes us all laugh and is really a great guy to be around."  


Mr. D is clearly committed to a high-quality musical and camp experience for every kid; he hires warm, talented people to help him and is very hands-on and involved.  I couldn't recommend this camp more!

Laura F., Alameda, CA - Summer 2017

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Mr. D is the music teacher at my daughter's school. She has taken his after school club, and since quarantine, she has participated in his online programs. Usually his summer camp is in Oakland, CA. What a silver lining that we can now get this experience in Marin :).

Mr. D is an awesome teacher, and his programs are a reflection of him. The instructors he has are kind, patient and passionate about teaching. I would highly recommend trying an online program - you won't be disappointed!

And 2 thumbs up for Kay and her Musical Theater class.... my daughter thought she was awesome!

Lesley A.,  San Francisco, CA - July 2020

Live Online

Our daughter loved the variety of programs and especially seemed to have fun during the acting space classes. Our son loved the art classes. The teachers seemed to really enjoy what they do which sets the tone for the class. The kids had fun interacting with all of their teachers. Both look forward to taking more classes

Sheryl F., Oakland, CA - August 2020

Live Online

Dear Mr D. Our son, C. is really enjoying your classes and we definitely feel like we’ve stumbled into something really special!

Kelly K., Berkeley, CA - June 2020

Live Online

Mr D's Music Club is completely amazing, especially during Shelter In Place!  My daughters have been doing the online Zoom classes and they absolutely love them. There is a variety of classes to meet their interests including Music, Dancing and Movement, Puppet Making and more.  Every instructor has been organized, knowledgeable, engaging and most importantly -- FUN! 

Cynthia H., San Rafael, CA - July 2020

Live Online

Hi Stephen, thank you so much for your online summer program. Our kids had a lot of fun and  your classes were a lifesaver for us all.  Because of the pandemic, our kids were stuck in the house but because of you, they had some super fun activities to do.

Stella B.,  Richmond, CA - August 2020

Live Online

Even during the COVID pandemic, Mr. D's camp saved the summer with a variety of online classes for our 2 boys! From dancing to singing to drama and ukulele classes. Very impressed and grateful that they could put together such a rich program at very reasonable prices.

Irem R.,  San Francisco, CA - September 2020

Live Online

My daughters loved this camp. We didn't know much about it at the outset, kind of stumbled upon it, and were so pleasantly surprised!


The vibe was very warm & welcoming and I was really impressed by what I saw at the final performance on Friday. In addition to singing & dancing there is lots of time for arts & crafts, so it was a nice blend of active time & downtime for my girls.


We'll definitely be back next summer.

Carey V.,  San Francisco, CA - Summer 2019
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My daughter came home from Mr. D’s camp every day glowing with happiness. Our home became filled with the sound of music and her singing, and she eagerly anticipated going each morning to work on her show. Highly recommended!

Alex G.,  Oakland, CA - Summer 2021
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Mr. D's is fantastic! He and the staff are so supportive and inclusive. My 9 year old daughter came home smiling every day of camp saying "That was so fun!"

Celeste K.,  Oakland, CA - June 2021
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Dear Mr D’s Music Club staff, my daughter really enjoyed the singing part of the online club. She loved learning new songs. After her session, she'd be singing new tunes for days. She still does. I am so impressed by your team's agility and ability to shift. S. was rapt, so something was working.

Sarah W., Oakland, CA - August 2020

Live Online

My son loves Mr. D's summer camps! This is his third year and he can't wait to return next summer. It always amazes me how the kids can learn so many songs and dance routines in one week! Kudos to Mr. D and his fun staff! The Friday performances are always something to look forward to!

Eva F., Oakland, CA - Summer 2018

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I love watching my daughters' confidence soar when they are challenged to meet their singing potential in a spotlight! Thank you, Mr. D for providing that opportunity! We struggled with public speaking and spotlight moments during the school year, so this change of environment and supportive atmosphere was a gift.

Liza T., Piedmont, CA - June 2021
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My daughter really enjoyed The Movement Space w/ Anna, she was laughing and dancing the entire time! My daughter also tried the Zoom Ukulele class for the first time last week. A video tutorial was offered before the class to help tune the instrument and the teacher helped her with it in class as well. We've enjoyed all our classes through Mr. D's Music and with the fabulous Mr D himself!

Catherine S., Sausalito, CA - July 2020

Live Online

Mr. D literally gives everything he has to his students and classes, and is cherished by my entire family. I suggest signing up for some of his VERY affordable online summer classes before they fill up. There's a little bit of everything offered, from singing to dancing, and all different genres of music are explored. My kids also love being able to spend time with Mr. D and meet new people, all from the comfort of home! Communication is also top notch, so expect quick responses should you have any questions.

Patricia B., San Rafael, CA - July 2020

Live Online

Mr. D's staff were so kind and welcoming to my child.


The camp days were full and busy, but not overwhelming. My daughter had all of the space and the structure to make friends very easily. She was encouraged to try something new (like acting and role playing in front others!) and felt comfortable enough to do so. She came home on the first day and described what it felt like to be acting out a funny skit in front of others, except no one laughed. I was concerned that she might be discouraged by a very natural and common interaction. Throughout the week, I didn't hear her express an ounce of defeat or discouragement though! I can only attribute that to wonderful staff who I know made her feel very safe to keep trying as a performer.

Natalie R., Oakland, CA - July 2021
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Thanks for helping our family keep it together this summer! Seriously! Our 12 year old son,  took over 20 classes with you guys this summer and loved them all, especially Dancing and acting and Puppet making and of course, singing with you. We’ve seen a real change in him and it’s really saved us all

Mina J., El Cerrito, CA - August 2020

Live Online

This was my daughter's second summer with Mr D. It was the one camp that she absolutely had to do again. The camp is great. The art work the kids create is better than any other camp, even camps where art was supposed to be the focus. My daughter is shy, but the staff makes her feel comfortable. The performance and the stage set was spectacular. We will be back next summer

Jill S., Oakland, CA - Summer 2018

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We love this camp! I wish I had found it sooner!


Mr. D's Music Club has been a staple for my daughter for 3 years now.  She started with Mr. Duffy in an after-school setting and has been chasing his summer programs since 2014.  This year, she cannot get enough!  After each session, she comes home with a genuine interest in practicing each song over and over again. There is no comparison with these camps - your kid will get a music history lesson, a chance to take risks and set goals, an opportunity to mingle with children from different peer groups, and most of all, if you take a ride with Mr. D's Music Club your child will have an appreciation for the hard work it takes to prepare for and perform in a full-fledged concert. We hope we never grow too old for this summer ritual!

Michelle C., Alameda, CA - Summer 2016

In Person Summer Camps

This (Covid) summer online program was really well organized, and thoughtfully put together - my daughter came away from every class energized and excited for the next session! Mr D and his artists have an energy for music, performing and teaching kids that is really special. Even by remote, they still find a way to meet kids where they are, and build a safe and supportive creative place for them to grow.

Brian W., Piedmont, CA - September 2020

Live Online

We were pretty wary about online music programs. Mr. D's Music Club online was a lot better than we expected. It was more than decent. Can you sign me up again?

Wendy B., Oakland, CA - July 2020

Live Online

Mr. D's Music Camp was a week of endless singing, dancing, art, yoga, picnics in the park, and all around fun. On the first day my daughter arrived not knowing any of the other kids, but Mr. D immediately made sure my daughter felt welcome and comfortable.  The kids pick up on that vibe and all of them were so encouraging and supportive of one another.  They have professional instructors who encourage the kids to do their best, and the kids pick up on it.  It's the perfect relaxed atmosphere to bring out the best in every kid, no matter their ability.  When I arrived to bring my daughter home on Wednesday the kids organized themselves and stayed almost half an hour late practicing the routines for their show on Friday.  They were so happy and excited to dance and sing they just couldn't stop!  That moment really stood out to me, because 1) the kids did this on their own without the instructors, and 2) the staff didn't shoo them out just because time was up.  


Another lovely moment was at the talent show rehearsal on Thursday.  I accidentally caught the last 15 minutes of it, and every kid who got up there received a huge round of applause no matter how perfect or off-key their performance.  What a lovely, safe place to grow!  


Another plus:  the Rockridge location at Saint Peter's church has a parking lot and ample street parking so it's easy to drop off and pick up the kids

Fancy P., Alameda, CA - Summer 2016

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