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Terms & Waivers


·       If camp cancellation occurs less than three weeks prior to the camp(s) start date(s) no refunds are issued. Prior to three weeks from the camp(s) start date(s) a refund of camp registration fees and extended care fees will be issued, less a cancellation fee of $100 per session.

·       All refunds will be credited via your original payment method if refund is requested within 60 days of payment. If requested after 60 days, refunds will be issued via check. 

·       There are no refunds for summer camp or extended care fees for cancellations made less than three weeks before the camp’s start date, regardless of your original enrollment date. 

·       Camp fees will not be refunded or prorated for days of summer camp missed due to illness or injury



Cancellations made six days or more before the first day of class will receive a full refund.


You may make changes to your registration up to 7 days before the start of any summer camp session or class (depending on availability). A $15 fee will apply to any session changes regardless of your original enrollment dates. Sessions/classes are not transferable to other campers.



While attending Mr. D’s Music Club, any outstanding balances will be charged daily to the credit card on file. This includes, but is not limited to, drop in extended care (when offered), t-shirt purchases, daily drop-in (if available), and other fees as they arise. Outstanding balances from past years’ attendance will be charged in 7 days after email notice is provided.



To redeem please contact hailey@mrdsmusicclub.com.


I hereby represent that I am the parent or guardian of the child(ren) (Child) registered for Mr. D’s Music Club Music and Art Summer Camp or Mr. D’s Music Club After School Class:

I understand and agree to a full and complete waiver and release of any and all liability (“Liability Release”) on the part of Splendid Productions (“Mr. D’s Music Club”) in connection with my Child’s attendance at Mr. D’s Music Club and participation in all Mr. D’s Music Club activities, including, but not limited to, outdoor and playground activities, classroom activities, physical activities and field trips taken in connection with Mr. D’s Music Club. I understand and agree that this Liability Release will apply to the entire duration of my Child’s attendance at Mr. D’s Music Club and participation in all Mr. D’s Music Club activities. 

I further authorize anyone working at Mr. D’s Music Club to obtain medical care for my Child or to transport my Child to a clinic or hospital if, in the opinion of anyone working at Mr. D’s Music Club, medical attention is needed for my Child. I agree that if Mr. D’s Music Club releases my Child to me, my designee, an ambulance or other medical transport, a medical facility, a clinic or a hospital, that Mr. D’s Music Club shall not have any further responsibility for my Child. I agree to pay all costs associated with such medical care and related transportation for my Child and indemnify and hold Mr. D’s Music Club, its representatives and agents harmless from any costs incurred in connection with such medical attention or any related claims.

I acknowledge that I have carefully read this Liability Release and understand its contents.