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In Person Camps

Summer Camp 2023

2023 Summer Camps are now open for registration!

Check out the weekly themes and details below.

Read more about our COVID-safe in-person camps.

Camp Philosophy

Mr. D's Approach to camp

Summer camp at Mr. D's Music Club is all about music, art, dance, creativity, fun, and friends. Not to mention singing, dancing, acting, laughing, trying new things, performing, confidence-building, and all-around silliness. We pride ourselves in offering 8 - 13-year-old* children a stellar camp experience in the performing arts where every child shines.

Our philosophy embraces pop music across the

decades because:


  • Children can relate to great songs on an emotional level.


  • We celebrate music, singing, dancing, and acting

       as authentic forms of expression.


  • We gently introduce music from different genres

      (classical, electronic, jazz, world music, etc.) with

      the hope that this becomes a starting point for

      your child to explore the vast musical universe.


  • Each camp has its own unique, fun, and (sometimes)

      quirky theme. We intentionally set the themes to reflect the

      week's tone, but from there, anything goes. The songs vary from the

      cool and unusual to the latest and greatest, and they ALWAYS have soul!


Art, singing, dancing, and acting happen each day, and no two days are alike:


Music: We don't always know which songs the kids will enjoy singing, so we typically start with more than we need and work our way through to the final cut. It's fun to explore the songs with the kids, break them down, practice, and feel the emotions the songs evoke as we progress through the week.


Dance: Professional choreographers design and teach interactive dance routines to the kids centered around the week's theme. Dance styles include hip-hop, modern, jazz, salsa, etc.


Art: The kids work on several art projects related to the camp's theme throughout the week. The completed artwork will be displayed in the camp space for the Friday performance for attendees to view as they come to the big show!


Acting: Kids will play fun theater games, learn improv, act out scenes and get creative with

movement and storytelling. They will work in small groups to rehearse a skit for the Friday

performance. This year we will also have more opportunities for a few campers to work behind

the stage and learn how a production comes together as a team.


Performance: Friday is our performance day!! The performance highlights all the talent the kids

have and the amazing amount of energy and work they put into creating something fun, silly

and endearing for friends and family.

Friday Pizza Party: The best part of camp for parents? That's right, a pizza

party on Fridays! No need to pack lunch, just some snacks. Kids will have

cheese pizza, lemonade, and a popsicle. Additional fees apply.


The kids are SUPER busy and will be tired but very happy at the end of

their camp day. They are building something - together - for you. We hope

you will join us and see what all the fuss is about.

2023 Oakland Camp Location: 

In the Rockridge District

6013 Lawton Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

(where we've been for several years)

Mr. D's is by far the best summer camp I've sent my child to.
Not only does Mr. D offer relevant and contemporary musical experiences for children (they sing songs they like and can relate to!), but he's a joy to be around. My child gets to connect with her passion for the arts because Mr. D brings his passion and enjoyment everyday. There are so few experiences out there that offer this much life and connection. This camp is a breath of fresh air!

Kasey V., Emeryville, CA - June 2021


*We are happy to talk with families whose children are outside the age range. Please reach out if you'd like to chat.

Summer Camp Registration


For security purposes you will be requested to log in or create an account prior to selecting your week(s) of camp.

10% sibling discount is applied at checkout if applicable.

Camp Themes

2023 Summer Camp Themes*

Off to the Movies (June 5 - 9)
We are kicking off Summer 2023 with our favorite camp theme - "Off to the Movies." This is the only theme we repeat each year, but it's only because it's SO MUCH FUN!! And who doesn't love a great movie? Each year we have new pop songs to sing, plays to act, choreography to learn, and art projects to create. It's a great way to kick off the summer camp season!

Peace & Love (June 12 - 16)
You may think this week is about the '60s, but we always enjoy loosely interpreting the themes. This week we'll explore pop songs about peace, love, friendships, family, and all the good things in life. There will be tons of singing, lots of dancing, hours of creativity, and endless laughter.

Around the World (June 19 - 23)

So many places, so little time! We'll be beboppin' around the globe singing awesome pop songs from the big cities, regions, and destinations we dream about. Each camp has a playlist that families get before the week kicks off so kids get familiar with the music and can enjoy it in the evenings after camp (yes, they practice at home!). With hilarious, original plays, creative dance choreography, and artwork decorating the stage, the kids are a part of the entire production. Mr. D's Music Club is a high-energy, fun-filled week where each child leaves with newfound confidence.

(June 26 - 30)
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, here we come!! There are endless pop songs about the seasons that we'll be exploring. Not to mention pulling a play together, learning new dance routines, and creating art for our end-of-camp performance for friends & family. The performance is when kids get to shine and show what they've created together.

Silly Pop Songs (July 17 - 21)
We never take ourselves too seriously at Mr. D's Music Club. We embrace and encourage kids to be goofy, silly, and free to be themselves. So it goes without saying that we have no problem embracing the pop songs we all can't help but sing along to in the car, in front of the mirror, or with good friends at camp. Our number one rule is that nothing we do should ever feel like school, so it's through fun activities and gentle encouragement kids learn to sing, act and dance without even realizing it.

Songs of the Sea 
(July 24 - 28)
We had slated this theme for the summer of 2020, but we all know how that year went. We are excited to introduce it to campers of 2023 and have no doubt it will be a blast. Imagine kids creating an undersea world with their original art for the Friday performance as they sing, act, and dance with gusto!

Cool 80's (July 30 - August 4)

Alright, parents, this week is for you. Lot’s hidden gems in this one! You’ll think you know the music, but this decade is Mr. D’s specialty, and the 80s was an excellent time for indie music. You'll be amazed at how well your kids sing them! Sing-a-longs are allowed. Except when kiddos are taking solos. It takes a lot of courage to get up there and sing in front of an audience! Solos are optional for campers. We always encourage the kids to try new things in each art form, face their fears and know that nothing has to be perfect. It's incredible to watch their confidence build throughout the week and summer!

 *All themes subject to change as needed

Mr. D’s Music Club is magic!  My daughter has always loved music and singing but has been shy to sing around others. This camp has built confidence in not only her ability to stand on stage and sing/perform in front of an audience, but we have noticed she is more outgoing in life. It is also the first camp my daughter has said that she didn’t have anyone mean to her or witness a camper being mean to another person. Instead, everyone seems to rally together, have fun and care about one another. It’s encouraging to see, and I credit each one of Mr. D’s staff for providing the tools to make this camp wonderful.

~ Justin G., Albany, CA - August 2022

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