Colorful Zoom photo of kids perfoming




Mr. D is an awesome teacher, and his programs are a reflection of him. The instructors he has are kind, patient and passionate about teaching. I would highly recommend trying an online program -

you won't be disappointed!

~ Lesley A., San Francisco, 2020

We take the safety and well-being of our attendees very seriously. Our live online programs are intentionally designed to not only be interactive and engaging, but also a safe online space to explore the creative arts and take creative risks.


To ensure the positive experience in the live online programs at Mr. D's, we have a few policies in place. These include:

  • We use Zoom’s waiting room to admit entrance to the class. Please make sure your child's name is used in Zoom so we can easily identify them. We will not admit anyone we cannot recognize.


  • All attendees must have their cameras on at all times. Not only does this ensure a safe experience, but it also builds a sense of community in the programs and makes a meaningful difference for all participants.


  • Some programs may be recorded via Zoom. This is for security and safety purposes. Videos are deleted 4-6 weeks after the program ends.

  • Breakout rooms will be used during the live online summer camps in order to create smaller groups for collaboration, socialization and a way to connect.

  • Depending on the program, your child may be asked to turn off virtual backgrounds. They are super fun, but can also be very distracting.