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All Around the World with Mr. D

Ok, so I have to admit that at first, I complained about Zoom and all it’s myriad of problems, a lot. (Ask my wife!). "bad sound, wifi problems, too complicated ...yada yada yada" But after a few weeks I realized that maybe I was just looking at things the wrong way, and once I flipped it around, by letting go of the analog and embracing the digital, it all made sense and now I've really come to love it. Simply put, I stopped trying to force the old habits of the in-person experience. And now, I’m having so much fun teaching again. It feels fresh and different and unique. I wonder if I’ll even remember how to do the analog.

So yes, All Around The World.

Well, maybe not quite ALL around, but last week we had kids zooming in from Maine, Colorado, Utah, New York and Washington and our first international guest, Paulina M. from Tanzania in East Africa, joining her cousins, Byela and Basiima, Felista from here in the Bay Area in both the Musical Theater Space and the Dance Space. Absolute magic and unthinkable just a few years ago.

This aspect of Zoom is the most exciting for us. Having kids connect with others from faraway places sharing a common love of dance, song or drama, art, etc. It’s truly fantastic. We really hope that folks will slowly but surely catch on that this can be a family and friends-wide event and we hope that we can continue our program year-round as the school year looms.


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