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Pop Music And Beyond with Mr. D - News

We're trying something new this week. So far my singing classes have had a wide age range 7-14.

I want to be able to keep the songs choices age-appropriate. This way we can go a little deeper with the older kids and keep the younger kids engaged but not overawed by the material.

Starting this week, "Pop Music and Beyond" with Mr. D will be broken into "Seniors" ages 10-14 and "Juniors" ages 7-9.

The senior class will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11am

The Junior Class will be on Tuesday and Wednesday at 2pm

These classes are all drop-in classes.

We play rhythm games, do warm-ups, then sing our hearts out. Classes are small so we can do individual coaching.

The classes are "circular" so we sing songs we've already learned and also introduce new songs each class.


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