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Why is Mr. D's Music Club so unique

people ask me all the time, how do we do what we do?

Well, you could buy me a beer and I'd take you way back in time to a far distant chronically depressed 1970’s England and my music-obsessed kid self, immersed in Bowie and Bolan and Kraftwerk, on the verge of leaping into the art-punk scene, to help explain how I got here from there but this is a blog, not a diary, and yet, looking back, it's all very clearly connected.

I didn't start teaching until 12 years ago and that came about as a happy accident (another long conversation) but I knew immediately that teaching music to kids was my calling! All the years of recording and producing and songwriting, mixing, mastering, performing came together and I was able to share my passion for great music with my students.

The families demanded that I do an after school class and then a summer camp. Then Julie was introduced to us so now we were doing art, and then it became obvious that we should add a dance component too and Hey Presto! Here we are10 years later….Online!!

First-time parents often call and say their kid would love to come but they are intimidated by the sound of our program because they’ve never danced or sang in public before. I always say come down and visit and 9 times out fo 10 this is the perfect place for their child.

From the very first day, my philosophy has always been that Mr. D’s Music Club should never feel like school nor should it feel like a performing arts program. It should be a warm safe space that kids can come and try their hand at all sorts of things. It should be joyful and exciting, filled with laughter and experimentation a place to make friends and memories that last a lifetime and, just maybe, they want to further their interest in the arts. Interestingly all 3 of my kids are heavily invested in the arts, #1 Dance,#2 singing #3 art! Strange huh?

That's it for now.. we have another amazing week of music, art, dance, puppet making, and storytelling coming up.

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