Singing Space

Best Singing Classes For Kids 

Kids LOVE to sing pop songs! That's why we've created engaging singing classes for kids in the Singing Space. Programs are designed to encourage kids to explore their interest in singing, take creative risks and sing a solo (when they are ready), and interact and encourage each other to try something new.


Each session features hot off the press hits, as well as classic songs from across decades. Kid are always encouraged to share their favorite songs too, which often get used in class.

In each session the Teaching Artists use a thoughtfully curated playlist to sing along with at home, in the car, while washing the dishes, or in the shower (this would be Mr. D's son!).

These are our kids singing classes who want to explore pop music and their love of singing and have a blast doing so!

Pop songs of today are the folk songs of tomorrow!

~ Mr. D, Teaching Artist & Owner, 2020

In my classes I see kids emotionally connecting with the songs, which are carefully curated based on years of experience. Sometimes there’s a cultural message ready to be discussed other times it’s just a deep groove, a fat beat, some super deep/fun lyrics, or a great chorus. 

~ Mr. D, Teaching Artist & Owner, 2020