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Camp 1: June 10-14 
"Off to the Movies" Sold Out 

Camp 2: June 24-28

"Icons" Sold Out 

Camp 3: July 15-19

"Feels Like Summer" Sold Out

Camp 4: August 5-9

"QUEEN(s)" Sold Out 


Camp 5: August 19-23

"The 80s Never Went Away"  8 spots left 


     2019 Summer Camp Dates and themes are here!

2019 CAMP Themes 

Camps are for children 8-13 years old with no experience necessary. Some exceptions will be made for younger children entering 2nd grade. Please contact Mr. D's Music Club to learn more.

Camp #1 June 10 - 14

“Off to the Movies”


We just can’t escape this theme, but only because there are so many amazing songs in movies. We all know the importance of a soundtrack in movies, but do we ever truly appreciate how music pushes the emotions as the images flash by? Well, this week we do! Picking from new releases to oldies but goodies, we bring in a whole new song list each year celebrating the power of music in the cinema.


Camp #2 June 24-28



We all seem to have icons from our childhood that stay with us throughout our lives. Whether characters from books, places we've been or seen, monuments, from movies, from music, maybe from an amazing vacation. We will search for the best heart and soul filled pop-rock songs we can possibly find.


Camp #3  July 15-19

"Feels Like Summer"


The classics, the coolest, the grooviest, the should-have-been mega hits of bygone endless summers.



Camp #4 August 5-9



Inspired by Queen, we will sing and dance and create art for by, and about all the queens in our lives.



Camp #5 August 19-23 

"Decades - The 80's Never Went Away"


The title says it all. Everyone one seems to love the 80's, I mean, even Rick Astley is back!!! Never saw that coming! So many songs to choose from.

Please note: all these themes are subject to change as each class is dependent on the availability of the teaching artists.

Activities may include:  Singing, Dancing, Hip-hop, Modern dance, Kids' yoga, Ear training, Vocal Coaching, Talent shows, Songwriting, Art, Acting, Drawing, Picnics in the Park, Activity Games, Quizzes, Mask making, Origami, DJ Workshop, Recording, Mic Technique, Friday Pizza, Belly dancing, Movies, and so much more!


Scholarships: Mr. D's offers a limited number of scholarships per camp. To apply contact MrDsmusicclub@gmail.com


Camp is located in the Rockridge District of Oakland at 6013 Lawton Ave at Broadway downstairs in St. Peters' Church Parish Hall.

about Mr. D's Summer Camps

Summer camp at Mr. D’s Music Club is all about music, art, dance, fun and friends. Not to mention, singing, dancing, laughing, trying new things, performing, confidence building and all around silliness. We pride ourselves in offering your children a stellar camp experience in the performing arts.


Our philosophy embraces pop music across the decades because: 1. Children can relate to it on an emotional level,  2. We celebrate music, singing and dancing as true forms of expression. 3. We gently introduce music from different genres (classical, electronic, jazz, world music, etc)  with the hope that this becomes a gateway for your child to explore the vast musical universe.


Each camp has its own unique, fun, and sometimes quirky, theme. The themes are intended to set the tone of the week, but from there anything goes. The music selection is loosely based around those themes and the songs are varied, often unusual and always have soul.


Art, singing and dance is intermixed each day and no two days are alike:


Music:   We don’t always know which songs the kids will really enjoy singing, so we typically start out with more than we need and work our way through to the final cut. It’s fun to explore the songs with the kids, break them down, practice and then really start to feel the emotions the songs evoke as we progress through the week.


Dance:   Professional choreographers design and teach interactive dance routines to the kids centered around the week’s theme. Dance styles include hip hop, modern, jazz, salsa, tribal, etc.


Art:   Throughout the week the kids work on several art projects that relate to the camp’s theme. As the projects come to completion they are displayed around the room to showcase during our final performance. Set design is also a component of our art curriculum.


Performance:  At the end of each camp we celebrate with a final performance designed, produced and performed by the kids. Family and friends are encouraged to attend so they can see all the hard work of the kids.

The kids are SUPER busy throughout the day and will come home tired, but very happy. They are building something  – together – for you. We hope you will join us and see what all the fuss is about.

Singing with Stephen:

Stephen Duffy (aka Mr. D) has two passions. Music and Futbol. It’s been this way for as far back as he can remember. At age 12 he realized that it was unlikely he’d make it as a pro player so he joined a Beatles cover band. Oddly, they made him the drummer even though he didn’t have any drums, but cardboard boxes seemed to do the trick. After 3 months they had only ½ a song down (Let it be) so he quit, but... he was hooked! Since then music has been his whole life.

Flash forward 100 years; Stephen is a singer, songwriter, performer, composer, producer, audio engineer, vocal coach and music teacher. Phew! He has won multiple awards for his songwriting and has received commissions to write original compositions for both Theater and Dance. Many of his compositions have been used in short films.

His musical loves are wide-ranging and eclectic. Stephen’s preferred medium is electronic acoustic music and he sincerely believes that nothing beats a great Pop song. Stephen has 3 kids all of whom will be showing up at camp this summer.


Recently, his innovative Music program “Mr. D’s Music Club" was voted “Best of the Best” Music Class by Bay Area Parent Magazine.

Art with Julie:

Julie received a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) from the University of Michigan in Photography and Graphic design. After finishing her degree she moved to Paris, France to continue her studies in photography, painting, textiles, styling and design. Later she established a home decor boutique, which doubled as an art galley, in the heart of Paris (St. Germain des Pres area). After 13 and 1/2 years she returned to the USA. 


This is Julie’s third summer with Mr. D’s Music Club as Art Director. She loves teaching art to children and is always inspired by their ideas. Julie currently works as a freelance Designer/Artist, Stylist and consultant for home, events and print. Julie has two daughters, both of whom attend Mr. D’s Camps, and she works as a substitute art teacher at their school. Julie is awesome and the work she does with the kids is superlative! 

Drama with Risa:

Risa Lenore Anderson Dye is a creative and enthusiastic instructor of creative drama. She believes in the profound effects of story, imagination and movement for any learner. Risa has worked in theater and dance throughout the bay area in various roles; improvisational actress, dancer, costume designer, puppeteer and storyteller. Risa attended Jacques LeCoq’s International school of Theatre in Paris, France where she studied physical theatre, experimental set design and movement.

In the past seven years, Risa has created a unique physical theatre and story-based educational program for young children.

She values play, creativity, beauty and kindness. You can find more about her at www.jellyjamtime.com.

Business with Hailey:

Although Hailey longs to bring a creative element to Mr. D’s Music Camp this summer, her creative juices are limited, therefore she has volunteered her stellar business background to help with the camp and business operations to keep everyone organized, especially Mr. D. Her efforts are two fold in that the camp will run smoothly and Mr. D will keep his sanity!! Hailey has experience working with kids and looks forward to being immersed in their fun, crazy, never-ending energy this summer, even if it is just on the sidelines crunching numbers. Hailey also plays clarinet and piano but she hopes you’ll never have to hear her sing.

Dance with Momo:

Dance is my soul, my life, my dream. I’ve been dancing and teaching both kids and adults  for 15 years. My big break out was season 8 ”So You Think You Can Dance” Las Vegas week. I danced with Chris brown as a back up dancer 2013. I also teach at 10 locations around the Bay Area and with my dance company BODYWERK Dance and more.  Check out my YouTube.com/Momo Lebeau. Facebook..com/themomolebeau and Facebook.Com/bodywerkdance.